Gear Review: Our Tent

When it came time to retire our Mountain Hardware tent because of a few too many holes in the tent and fly and our increasing interest in backpacking in the rain (Corey’s idea, not mine), we did some research before deciding on a new tent.

We ended up selecting the REI Half Dome 2+ and we’ve loved it so far! The 2+ is a great size for us because we’re both able to comfortably fit with our sleeping pads and we can also fit both of our packs in the tent at our feet (for context, Corey is 6′). While admittedly a luxury, it is really convenient to have our packs in the tent with us when we sleep to 1. keep everything dry and 2. for easy access to our stuff at night or early in the morning.

upper wildcat

We purchased a footprint and additional stakes for the tent so we can use the full vestibule – we usually keep our boots outside the tent, but under the vestibule – and the whole thing is still relatively lightweight and packs well. The fly also keeps the inside of the tent nice and dry (tip: we do usually lay our rain jackets over the top of our packs just in case water or evaporation gets inside the tent, though this hasn’t historically been an issue).

In terms of additional features, there are pockets for storage in the “attic” of the tent, as well as pockets on the sides of the tent. We usually keep our map and guidebook, glasses (I’m blind AF), cell phones, headlamps, and other small but semi-important things in these pockets. the tent also has a loop in the top center to hang a small lantern.

Overall: approved!


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