Gear Review: Our Tent

When it came time to retire our Mountain Hardware tent because of a few too many holes in the tent and fly and our increasing interest in backpacking in the rain (Corey's idea, not mine), we did some research before deciding on a new tent. We ended up selecting the REI Half Dome 2+ and [...]


South Coast Wilderness – Oil City to La Push via Toleak Point (Wildcatter Coast)

Total Mileage 17.5 Miles Hike Type Loop Total Hiking Days 2 Days Hiking Time / Distance - Day 1 6 hours 0 minutes/ 11.5 miles Hiking Time / Distance - Day 2 2 hours 52 minutes / 6 miles Date Hiked 4/1/2017 - 4/2/2017 NWS Forscast Seven Day Caltopo Map Greentrails Map La Push, [...]